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Saturn opposite Mercury

Wielding Mental Control

Kelli Fox

Your long-ago position of authority in your partner's life will carry into your romantic relationship in this life, if you aren't careful. You were their mentor, teacher or superior then, in another time and place; and now, as then, they'll look to you for cues as to how they should think, speak and communicate. They'll consider you an expert in logical thought and reasoning, and they will try to conform to your way of considering and dealing with life's various situations.

You, in turn, will criticize their thinking whenever you sense them straying outside the limits you've set. But this will simply be a projection from a past life, not a reflection of the true dynamic between you now. And while it may flatter you and make your life seem more comfortable, it won't necessarily be the best thing for your partner's personal growth, or your own. After all, within the confines of your intimate affair, you aren't their superior. You're supposed to be equals, each of you bringing your own strengths to the relationship and mutually teaching and supporting each other. The reason you'll go along with this past-life projection and assume the role of their intellectual superior is that, deep down, you're afraid -- scared that if you let them think and communicate in the way that is most natural for them, somehow it will hurt you, either because they'll say something that dents your ego or because their thoughts and perceptions will lead them away from you. Security is what you're after, which is natural and understandable; but the sense of security you'll develop through this type of mental control won't be very satisfying. Try instead to allow your partner their mental freedom, whatever it costs you. And talk about your feelings of vulnerability. If you're afraid they'll surpass you intellectually or ultimately leave you behind, communicate with them about it. That's the only way you'll break through this karmic block once and for all.

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