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Saturn opposite Mars

Finding Middle Ground Between Passion and Control

Kelli Fox

Your partner's energy and desires will hit buttons within you that you may not even know exist, but which will evoke powerful responses in you. You may be attracted to them at first, but you'll grow to see their passion as representative of everything you're trying to stifle within yourself -- and you'll try to stifle it within them as well. In another lifetime you were hurt by this person's passion; perhaps they were your lover and broke your heart, or perhaps they were an enemy warrior who bested you in battle.

Whatever that long-ago connection was, in this life you'll feel threatened by everything within them that represents energy, warmth, independence and ardor. Their temper will scare you, and so you'll respond with cold control -- but just as you did in another life, you'll find that you've chosen a formidable opponent. This person won't simply back down in the face of your attempts to enforce restrictions upon them; they'll stand up and fight, which will only frustrate you more. If you can take that as a sign that it's time to find a new approach, then you'll be taking a big step toward resolving this karma, but it won't be easy. You'll have to examine why their passion scares you so, and you'll have to begin letting loose your own passion rather than keeping it so tightly reined in. The result may be flaring tempers and arguments of epic proportions, but if you can find middle ground, you'll learn the lessons you need to take from this connection.

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