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Saturn conjunct Uranus

Developing a More Rounded Perspective on Life

Kelli Fox

Gaining the best gifts from this connection may be a bumpy road, but it's more than possible if you both work to blend your styles and work together. You've been streamlining your roles for longer than just this lifetime, after all. In a past-life connection, you struggled against each other; your traditional approach to life was pitted against your partner's need for innovation and caused you both plenty of aggravation.

But in this life, you've progressed far enough within yourselves to recognize the wisdom of each other's ways, if you can let go of your own egos and insecurities long enough to do so. You're used to doing things in a particular way. You move toward your goals in a grounded way, by using the methods that you know will work based on past experiences. Your partner, on the other hand, likes to push the boundaries in ways that might initially make you nervous. But their innovative approach to life holds a certain fascination for you, and you can learn a lot from them if you open yourself up to the lessons. In turn, you can teach them the value and importance of tradition, of planning, of crossing those Ts and dotting those Is. You'll press each other's buttons along the way, to be sure, and your success in getting through to each other will depend on a variety of other factors about your relationship and how you two connect. But if you get along well enough to work things out rather than tossing up your hands in anger and defeat, you'll both be able to move on to the next life with a more well-rounded vision of how to set goals and achieve them.

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