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Saturn conjunct Sun

Learning to Lighten Up

Kelli Fox

While a strong and solid past-life connection will help you to build a similar bond in this life, it may not always be a pleasant experience for your lover to be intimately involved with you. This is not to say you'll have a bad or frustrating relationship; this factor in itself will add a tremendously stabilizing quality that could easily turn your affair into something you can both depend on for a long time. But you'll have something of an inhibiting effect on your partner, just as you did in another lifetime, when you were their teacher, mentor or parent.

Now, as then, you'll encourage them to get serious about life and pursue their career or other projects with hard work and dedication. But they may interpret your encouragement as an annoyingly restrictive influence rather than as the helpful one that you intend. They may even start to feel obligated to you in some way, which will also come from that old past-life bond -- perhaps you helped them out of a bind but made it clear that your aid came with strings attached. Whatever happened between you, you've been left with the feeling that you're at least partly responsible for looking out for them and their well-being, and they have been left with the feeling that they'd better perform up to your standards or else. While this connection is a big part of what will make your relationship feel serious and secure to you both, you would also do well to remind yourself that your lover is just that -- your lover, not your child or your charge. You don't need to have such an authoritative hold over them, and learning to lighten up will aid a great deal in resolving your karmic bond with them.

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