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Saturn conjunct Saturn

Learning to Give Support

Kelli Fox

Either you shared a solid relationship in a past life or you suffered through one that was decidedly unstable and now you're being given the gift of a grounded bond in this life, because this connection between you will stabilize you both. You'll find that you have similar needs in life and relationships, and you'll understand each other on that level. The lives you envision for yourselves have similar foundations, and if you stay together long-term, you'll be able to work hard together to build that strong, common ground.

There are some potential pitfalls with this connection that you should look out for, however, especially if you're a younger couple. The problem lies in the fact that you'll have very similar fears and anxieties. When one of you is worried about getting the bills paid on time, for example, or reaching your professional goals, the other will be worried about the very same thing -- so who will be the one to step in and calm your anxieties? The best relationships, after all, rely on both partners taking turns being the calm, supportive one, but it's difficult to support your lover when you're beset by the same fears they're experiencing. If you find this is becoming a problem, take it as a sign that this is part of your karma to work out together: learning to become more confident within yourselves, so that you can provide firm, calm support in your partner's times of need.

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