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Saturn conjunct Pluto

The Paradox of Freedom Through Relinquishing Control

Kelli Fox

This part of your relationship will be a test for both of you, just as it was in another lifetime. Then, you weren't able to work out the struggle between your twin urges for control -- yours, to control your life and surroundings through order, function, hard work and determination; and theirs, to control their own destiny through intensity of experience and personal transformation. In this life, that same struggle will be felt on a frequent basis.

You'll try to maintain your life in the ordered way you prefer, using your sense of logic and tradition in your work, the way you keep your home, this relationship and so on. Your partner, however, will dig right under the surface of all your efforts and expectations, and attempt -- consciously or otherwise -- to uproot everything you've worked to build. They will respond to your carefully established foundations by searching out the cracks -- the parts of your system that don't work. And this will make you feel nervous at best, and out-and-out frustrated and chaotic at worst. It could even start to seem as if any boundary you set, either in your own life or in the relationship, is ruthlessly crossed by your partner in their search for truth and intensity. Will you be able to handle the pressure of setting firmer boundaries, or letting your partner break through all your carefully established structures and sense of control to the real you that exists, vulnerable, inside? That remains to be seen. This experience will no doubt be a struggle on both sides, but if you can relinquish a bit of control without giving it up completely, it will ultimately be a freeing experience for you.

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