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Saturn conjunct North Node

Help Your Partner to Focus

Kelli Fox

Your lover will look to you for an example of how to focus -- how to get down to business, take their responsibilities seriously and move forward along their intended path. Like everyone, from time to time they get sidetracked, allowing themselves to be drawn away from their proper focus. You can help them get back on track by drawing from the dynamic you shared in another life, when you functioned as their employer, guardian, teacher or mentor, or perhaps their older sibling.

Then, you took a strict but fair hand with them and taught them how to attend to their duties and pursue their long-term goals. Now you can do the same. At first they may seem afraid of moving forward -- of change, or even of becoming intimately involved with you -- because somewhere inside themselves, they will recognize the contribution you stand to make to their life. At a deep, soul level, they may not feel ready to make the necessary changes in their actions as well as perspective in order to make personal progress. But as you become involved, they'll begin to realize that your experiences and anxieties are familiar to them, and relatable. They will begin to look to you for advice and wisdom in the process of making positive changes.

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