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Saturn conjunct Neptune

Logic vs Fantasy

Kelli Fox

In another lifetime, one of you felt your pretty fantasies and dreams crushed beneath the other's ruthless insistence on focus, facts, proof, hard work and grim determination. In this life and relationship, your partner will play the role of dreamer, and unless you recognize this within yourself and take measures to stop it, you'll find yourself filling the role of the conservative, pragmatic dream-crusher. You'll impose your sense of what's rational and 'right' in order to combat your lover's sometimes over-the-top dreaminess.

At base, their flights of fancy will actually make you uncomfortable. They may even scare you, being so subjective and outside your realm of experience with what 'works.' Your buttons will be pushed in a major way, and you can either respond instinctively, by trying to ground your partner (read: yanking them right back down to earth), or you can try to learn something from their sense of imagination and intuition. The practical realm is only one facet of existence and experience, after all. As much as you might try to impose logic onto life, you'll never cancel out the Big Question Mark -- everything that falls within the realm of possibility, supposition, dreams, hopes, fantasies and more. Instead of trying to suppress your partner's dreams and force them to adhere to logic, why not try to incorporate some of their whimsy into your own sometimes overly grim view of life? Doing so will certainly help to resolve this karma that exists between you.

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