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Saturn conjunct Mercury

Mutual Lessons in Communication

Kelli Fox

You must have been this person's teacher or mentor in another life, because your connection in this life will have a strongly mental component. You'll encourage your partner to think more carefully than they would on their own. In conversation, you'll push them to say what they mean, no more, no less.

To you, that might be an obvious quality to strive for, but your partner may not be used to forming words or thoughts as carefully as you do. Thus, you'll have a lot to teach them about focused thinking, but while they have much to learn from you, they won't necessarily enjoy your intellectual influence on them. When you encourage them to think more logically or speak more carefully, they will likely take it as criticism. They may not want to concentrate in the way that you'll want them to, and they might grow frustrated with always having to be careful in what they say when they're talking with you. They also might find that they have to try too hard to convince you of the validity of their ideas if they think outside the box. If your connection lasts long-term, this could be a recurring issue between you. Your lover may end up learning a lot from you, just as they did in a past life, but you may need to learn your own lesson about letting them communicate in the way that comes naturally to them.

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