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Saturn conjunct Mars

Finding a Balance Between Vitality and Discipline

Kelli Fox

It's possible that you won't be able to build a satisfying long-term bond if you let yourselves indulge your long-buried feelings of antagonism that stem from an unpleasant past-life connection. Resisting the urge to treat each other as you did in that past life will be difficult, but will be a very positive move karmically. In another lifetime, you had a very difficult relationship indeed: You were this person's caretaker or teacher, and you used a far too heavy hand in trying to get your message across to them.

They responded with stubborn anger, which made you clamp down on them all the harder, raising your expectations of them well past what was fair. In this life, remnants of that old interaction will make themselves known in your daily interactions, including your sexual connection. You might have mismatched sex drives, or you could spend too much time instructing your partner in how they should be leading their life more according to your standards. This kind of behavior will make them feel as if their basic vitality is being restricted, and it will probably make them angry all over again. The best that can come of this connection will be mutual understanding, which will lead to the ability to work together. But that will take lots of careful communication and compromise on both sides. For your part, make sure that you give your partner plenty of freedom to express their energy however they see fit -- even if it doesn't agree with the way that you lead your own life. If you can find ways to work together rather than against each other, you'll find that you have complementary strengths -- your partner's energy, your sense of logic and discipline -- that can actually make a solid blend.

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