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Pluto trine Venus

Accessing Your Most Honest Depths

Kelli Fox

Your partner will pick up on some strong past-life vibrations when they meet you, making them tune right in to you as a potential lover. Consciously or not, they'll recognize you from that other time and place when you two loved each other deeply and passionately, and accessing those feelings again will feel natural and right. Sexually, you'll really turn each other on, again because of that passion that was so strong between you in another life that it has extended to this one.

Both of you should be aware that this relationship will likely get intense fast, and you, especially, should know that you'll have a special hold over your lover. They will feel as though they can't get enough of you; the way you love them will make them feel as if they've never experienced anything so wonderfully intense before! Thus, it's up to you to be completely honest with them about your own feelings and stake in the relationship. If you're looking for a casual affair, this might not be it; the past-life ties between you are too strong to allow anything fleeting or surface-level. If you get involved with this person at all, you'll go to the depths with them. It will be an incredible and transformative experience for you both as you access the most honest, vulnerable and passionate depths of your own souls. Just be certain before you jump into the deep that that's what you're looking for.

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