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Pluto trine Sun

An Enhanced Feeling of Togetherness

Kelli Fox

Emotionally, you'll find that you two are right in tune, a benefit of a strong past-life connection in which you loved each other with a true and clear intensity. In this life, you'll feel as if you recognize each other right off. As you start getting to know this person, you'll realize that you're able to tap right into their deepest feelings, fears and hopes, and you can help them to realize their ambitions.

One of the best gifts of your present-day relationship will be your ability to tap into your lover's inner self, but also the sense of trust between you that will allow you to access your own depths. Each of you has deep feelings, after all, some of them dark, which you may choose to ignore out of fear that they'll be too intense to deal with. But the trust and openness of this relationship will help you to face them down and process them together, knowing that you can lean on your partner for support. This building of trust will also lead to a strong and vital sexual connection between you, further enhancing the feeling of togetherness that you'll both experience.

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