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Pluto trine Mercury

Mutual Yet Independent Growth

Kelli Fox

It's possible that your relationship in a past life wasn't founded on mutual understanding; but if that's so, then your connection in this life is meant to clear up the old karma and break through to a place of togetherness and awareness. You'll be the more deeply emotional of the two of you in this pairing, and that's a good thing -- you can teach your partner by example about tapping into their own inner emotions and needs, and they can teach you in turn about putting those sometimes heavy or abstract emotions into words. Communication will be a strong and vital link between you, and you, especially, will want to probe the depths with this person rather than staying at surface-level conversation.

Thus, if your relationship continues past the initial meeting, it will progress to something that allows each of you to be very emotionally honest and open with each other. This sense of trust will be beneficial to your relationship as a whole as well as to each of you as individuals. The best that can come of this connection is a process of mutual yet independent growth, through which you'll come to understand yourselves more deeply than ever before.

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