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Pluto trine Mars

Pushing Each Other Toward Great Success

Kelli Fox

If you think you're looking for a fun, light, casual affair, be forewarned that you may not find it with this particular person. Your karmic ties will demand that you go deep together if you get involved at all, plumbing the depths of passion, connection, power and vulnerability together. This will be a transformative experience for you both, and one that will help you both to grow in ways that you may not achieve on your own.

And though this will be a tremendously positive experience for you both overall, it may not be all fun and games. You'll each bring your own gifts to the relationship -- your lover's sense of ambition and focus, and your own ability to see through to the inner depths of people and situations. Your lover will feel fascinated by you, sexually and otherwise; they may feel as if they can't get enough of you, and you'll feel similarly about them. There may be power struggles between you, especially because your partner will try to resist the depth and intensity of the connection that you'll seek to make with them. But you were involved in another lifetime, and you still have some karmic lessons to learn to each other -- lessons in helping each other to become the most focused, dynamic person that you can be. A positive bond between you in this lifetime can lead to great mutual success if you both strive to work together.

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