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Pluto square Saturn

Lessons in Control

Kelli Fox

While you may take on a very important role in your lover's life, especially if you stay together for some time, your relationship won't be easy for either of you. There is a strong and difficult karmic tie between you that can ultimately lead to good things if you let it; but learning from each other will be difficult because you'll both be so set in your own viewpoints. Your lover needs rules and other systems in place in order to feel secure in life or in the relationship, and this will start to really grate on you.

You're trying to move past that in your own life, after all; past-life traumas left you just as vulnerable and scared as your lover, but instead of trying to establish a false sense of security, you're actually attempting to evolve within yourself by exposing your vulnerabilities in order to eradicate them. But your lover may not be ready for this kind of forceful, intense change within themselves; their fears are deeply entrenched and so they'll cling to logic and practicality, hoping to impose some semblance of order on a sometimes chaotic life. You might take on a disruptive role in their life, as you'll want to show them that, try as they might, they can't impose order on the universe. But isn't that, in itself, a controlling position? In trying to force them to change themselves in order to be more in line with your world view, you will be doing exactly what you'll try to teach them not to do. Though of course you won't want or try to hurt them, your methods for helping them change for the better may be difficult for them to handle, so try to be gentle.

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