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Pluto square North Node

Deal with Your Own Issues

Kelli Fox

You're an emotionally complex person, as are we all. You're on a path of karmic evolution -- of personal enlightenment -- again, as are we all. But if you become involved with this person, your personal path may end up eclipsing theirs, to their detriment.

You may unconsciously try to control them by behaving as if your own emotional needs and personal transformation are more important than theirs, or they might simply become overly invested in your deepest emotions, the ones that bubble out of you without your knowledge and express themselves through habitual behavior rather than purposeful communication. Your partner has their own complexity to deal with, their own emotional issues to sort out. Part of their karmic evolution in this life will be to face their true feelings on a variety of difficult subjects and experiences. But becoming deeply involved with you will in some way prevent them from making that happen, or at least delay or complicate the process. Sooner or later, one of you will have to make a conscious decision to attend to your own needs and feelings and to let your partner do the same. As lovers you should certainly communicate with and depend on each other, but you must also allow your lover to follow their rightful path while you deal with your own emotional issues.

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