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Pluto square Mercury

Learning from Each Other

Kelli Fox

You'll push your partner to think and communicate more like you do -- talking intensely about your deepest, darkest feelings; forcing self-awareness to a great degree. While it's a positive thing that your urge is to talk out your emotions, even the ones that are difficult to access or explain, you should remind yourself that you can't control your partner, and you can't push them to communicate in any way that's not natural for them. Karmically, the best that can come of this relationship will be if each of you learns something from the other: you becoming more comfortable with putting your feelings into words, and also with lightweight conversations -- life doesn't have to be so intense all the time, after all!

-- and your partner learning to access their deeper emotions and becoming more comfortable with deep conversation. Learning these lessons from each other could be a tall order, however, because each of you will struggle to keep doing things your own way, all the while trying to force your partner to adopt your methods. You'll be especially insistent about this, and your lover's attempts to resist your control will likely anger you. If so, take a deep breath to calm yourself, and remind yourself that each of you has your own lessons to learn and your own path to follow. You can only control yourself.

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