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Pluto square Mars

Establishing a Foundation of Trust

Kelli Fox

Aftershocks of an extremely adversarial past-life connection will make themselves felt in this life if you two become involved. You were more likely enemies than lovers back then, and you could feel more like enemies than lovers now if you aren't careful in how you treat each other. Your inner fear of being betrayed or overpowered by your lover will lead you to try to control them with your anger and intimidation -- but remember, they've pitted their strength against you before, even though it was too long ago for either of you to recall.

They won't bow down easily to your power plays; instead, they'll rage against you, compounding the problem exponentially. All this anger and fractious energy between you could have a positive outcome, if you can both be self-aware enough to take a step back and realize when you're out of line. But it will be all too easy simply to react to each other, acting out old, habitual patterns of behavior. Taking the higher road of self-restraint and enlightenment will definitely be the more difficult course, but also the more rewarding one. And if you want this relationship to last, it's the only way you'll be able to get along and establish a foundation of trust.Please remember that if this or any relationship becomes emotionally or physically abusive, staying in it and trying to work out the troubled karma will not be a positive experience for anyone involved. Your first priority should always be to keep yourself safe. While this connection holds great possibility for personal transformation, it also holds the potential for destructiveness. Sometimes, the best way to resolve difficult karmic ties is to let the relationship go and move on toward something more fulfilling.

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