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Pluto sextile Venus

Get to Know Each Other First

Kelli Fox

Your lover will feel drawn to you as if by an invisible, magnetic aura -- and what they'll be responding to so passionately will be the connection you share from a past-life affair, in which you loved each other deeply and bonded heart and soul. In this life, those old vestiges of attachment will make themselves known in the intensity of your bond, right from the start. You could both be overwhelmed by your emotions, or this could be more strongly felt on your partner's side -- and for that reason, it's up to you to maintain honesty with them.

Leading them on would be especially hurtful, because they will be so easily influenced by you due to their emotional investment in you. So let them know your feelings for them and your intentions for the relationship, straight up. On the other hand, take it easy! You'll have a tendency to be emotionally demanding of this person, so take care not to wear out your welcome, so to speak. If you expect too much of them in terms of intensity of experience, you could scare them away. Remember to take things slowly, even if it feels like the most natural thing in the world to bypass the getting-to-know-you stage for the passion-and-devotion one.

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