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Pluto sextile Sun

Identifying with Your Lover's Needs

Kelli Fox

You'll be able to identify with your partner's needs and ambitions at a deep, even unconscious level, because you'll recognize each other subconsciously from a past-life relationship in which you worked closely together toward some important goal. You can conjure great determination together in this life, as well; you'll be able to support your lover in whatever it is that they need to do in order to live life more fully and become more completely themselves. This support will be emotional and instinctive, and will in itself be supported by a strong communicative bond.

If your relationship continues, you'll surely become a very important presence in your lover's life due to your ability to tap into their inner emotions and needs and understand them on that instinctive level. You should both place a premium on serious conversation: talking out your deepest emotions as well as your goals, desires and more. Your sexual connection will also be quite vital due to this bond between you; the emotional attachment and understanding you'll both feel will want physical expression.

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