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Pluto sextile Saturn

A Strong, Supportive Partnership

Kelli Fox
Pluto sextile Saturn

You can have a deep and intense effect on your partner's karmic transformation through the course of this lifetime. As the two of you become involved, a sense of purpose and focus will characterize your developing relationship. You'll begin to identify the parts of your lover's personality that are based in anxiety -- perhaps they need space, or freedom, or commitment, or a steady job in order to feel secure.

As you get to know them better and learn more about where these issues come from, you can actually help them to grow stronger and let some of these security needs go. You'll offer them strength and subtle support, and they will know they can lean on you -- and look up to you as an example of someone who works on their own issues and strives for personal evolution. You should both strive to keep the flow of communication open between you, because that will only enhance this positive effect. Especially if your relationship is long-lasting, you'll both develop a deep sense of trust in each other. The emotional bond between you will be incredibly strengthened by this aspect, and you could make great business partners as well as romantic ones.

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