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Pluto sextile Mercury

A Fine Tradition of Learning and Teaching

Kelli Fox

You'll inspire your partner to transform the ways in which they think and communicate. They may be a sharp thinker, but they have always relied more on logic and proof rather than on what their deeper instincts might be telling them. You, on the other hand, pay attention to your inner urges and warnings, even if you're not the best at putting them into words.

In this way, you can help each other symbiotically: Your partner can help you to put some of those deep feelings into words, and thereby process them more quickly; and you can help them to tap into their inner core of perception, and integrate their powers of logic with the weight of their gut instincts. This process of mutual teaching and learning will carry on a positive tradition between you from another lifetime, in which you were this person's mentor or guide and they learned a great deal from you about how to think and perceive the world. Now, as then, you'll encourage them to think deeply by talking with them about subjects that are important to both of you. They'll gradually grow used to discussing and analyzing the significant experiences of their life in a probing way, and you'll become more comfortable with processing your darker emotions through words.

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