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Pluto sextile Mars

Blending Strengths

Kelli Fox

If you had a difficult past-life bond, you're being given a break in this life -- because the current blend of your strongest energies will be a blessing, not a curse. You are certainly both powerful individuals, capable of strong anger as well as other passions; but this particular connection will help you to access the higher facets of your personal strength and work together in a beneficial way. Either you've already had experience working together in another life, perhaps as soldiers who fought side by side; or you were enemies in another life but your karma has shifted as you've both learned through subsequent lifetimes to work together.

Now, you can create amazing things when you blend your willpower and strength together. You can provide each other with incredible, unwavering support, truly becoming each other's greatest champion. Your lover's sense of focus and direction will inspire you to achieve even more than you thought possible for yourself, and your own emotional depths will inspire them to become more self-aware and to base their ambitions on who they truly are inside.

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