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Pluto quincunx Sun

Trouble Understanding Your Partner

Kelli Fox

Even if all signs point to 'go' when you two first meet and start getting to know each other, you'll both begin to notice a frustrating disconnect that will keep you from getting truly close. You'll have a hard time understanding or accepting your lover's unique personality and sense of independence, just as you did in another lifetime. Whether you were lovers in that other life or parent and child, somehow, they disappointed you.

They let you down when you realized they weren't who you wanted them to be. In this life, they will try once again to live life fully and be themselves, but you'll try to control them, to force them to be whoever it is that you want them to be this time around -- because your soul doesn't want to go through that difficult experience again, of finding out that they'll never be the partner that you're hoping for. This is what will be going on at the base of your connection; on the surface, you may not be aware of your true, deep feelings, and you may feel baffled when your lover accuses you of not understanding them or not letting them be themselves. But instead of getting angry and withdrawing further from them, think carefully about what they're saying. You'll find that there's some truth in the accusation, and if you care to make things work between you, you'll be able to bridge the gap by giving your partner the time and space they need to be themselves and communicate their true nature and needs to you.

Pluto quincunx Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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