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Pluto quincunx Mars

Building a Healthier Physical Bond through Emotions

Kelli Fox

Trust will become an issue between you as the relationship progresses. Somehow, you'll be drawn together despite the fact that you won't be very sexually or energetically compatible. It's likely that in a past life together, you shared an intensely passionate connection, but one that went bad, hurting both of you.

Thus, in this life one or both of you will avoid that kind of passion out of the subconscious fear that you'll be stung again. Sex may take on a 'going through the motions' feeling, which won't satisfy either of you. Your instincts will urge you to try to force a passionate response from your lover, which they'll resist -- but you should know that forcing anything in relationships rarely works, and doing so will also lead to a further lack of trust between you. A better approach will be to find ways to make your sexual explorations into something more emotional than physical. The burden of that process of transformation may be on your shoulders, as out of the two of you, you're naturally more able to tap into that deeper experience of the physical realm. But again, don't try to force anything. Emotional honesty will help to build that all-important foundation of trust, which will then extend to a healthier physical connection.

Pluto quincunx Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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