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Pluto opposite Venus

Deep, Troublesome Connection

Kelli Fox

A feeling of compelling connection will draw you together, but heavy emotional issues will end up pulling you apart again unless you can learn to control how you treat this lover. You did share tremendous passion in another life, and that has pulled you together yet again in this one, because you both want to relive that experience and make it turn out better this time than it did last time -- because last time, things ended in the bitter pain of betrayal. Your instincts will urge you this time around to make sure that you can't be hurt again by controlling this person -- using any tactic at hand to keep them under your spell: alternating sweetness with anger, displaying jealousy and possessiveness as well as tenderness and genuine need.

Your partner will feel inexorably drawn in and painfully confused about how to handle the heaviness of your connection; because, remember, this was supposed to be a fun affair for both of you! But this troublesome karmic bond between you will make it hard to have anything that's light or fun for long. You can make things turn out better this time around, though. If you can learn to talk about your fears and feelings calmly and honestly, rather than using manipulative tactics on your partner, things will go much better for you both. Learning to communicate in an effective way, in fact, is the best that this relationship can bring you, and doing so will ensure that this difficult karma is resolved once and for all.

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