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Pluto opposite Sun

A Deep Desire for Control

Kelli Fox

Your partner's need for independence will push buttons inside you that you may not realize you possess. Power struggles will be frequent between you, and they'll likely originate within you. Are you subconsciously recalling the struggles you experienced with this person in another time and place, when you battled them for domination over a tribe or a piece of land, or perhaps over their very person?

This time around, the battle between you will be more subtle and internal than that, but it will be every bit as strong. Even if you know it's impossible, you'll want nothing more than to have control over your lover. It's likely that you won't see your lover for who they truly are, and their needs will seem negligible to you in the face of your own demanding desires. And unless you're able to exert real control over yourself and your behavior, it's likely that you'll fall into behavior patterns that mimic that old, troubled connection between you -- using anger and intimidation to get your way with them, for example. You'll have to remind yourself, likely again and again, that you have no control over anyone but yourself, and that's as it should be. If you're not careful of how you treat this person, you may end up pushing them away with your extreme anger and possessiveness. If you don't want that to happen, then find a way to talk out your feelings, fears and needs calmly rather than acting them out blindly.

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