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Pluto opposite Mars

Blazing Passions

Kelli Fox

A difficult past-life bond will draw you together in a blaze of passion -- but remember that passion can all too quickly turn into a fit of temper. Anger will be a real issue between you, because a bitter rivalry in a previous life has left its imprint on each of your souls, and your souls have sought each other out once again to settle things, once and for all. Karmic growth is a good thing, but the problem here is that your tendency will be to slip right back into your old roles of anger, power struggles and contests of wills.

You'll tend to operate on more subtle levels than your lover will; while they bluster and rage, you'll seethe more quietly on the inside, building up an emotional force that may be even stronger than your partner's anger. Your use of tactics such as emotional manipulation and intimidation, in fact, will push your partner's buttons in a big way; they could react against you aggressively, even if they're ordinarily quite passive. If you can figure out a way to talk out your feelings together rather than acting out this old, destructive drama yet again, you'll both experience growth of your souls. But that's a big 'if'; it will require plenty of self-restraint and self-awareness from both of you, which may prove to be too tall an order.Please remember that if this or any relationship becomes emotionally or physically abusive, staying in it and trying to work out the troubled karma will not be a positive experience for anyone involved. Your first priority should always be to keep yourself safe. While this connection holds great possibility for personal transformation, it also holds the potential for destructiveness. Sometimes, the best way to resolve difficult karmic ties is to let the relationship go and move on toward something more fulfilling.

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