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Pluto conjunct Venus

Emotional Fallout

Kelli Fox

Cosmic dust still swirls from a past-life betrayal that you suffered through with this person -- whether you were the betrayer or the betrayed. Those old feelings of need and longing, distrust and suspicion, yearning and anger are still encoded within your souls, and they'll come up freshly again for both of you when you get involved in this life. You'll instinctively try to dominate your lover, which won't be difficult because they'll be deeply attached to you almost from the start.

They could even become obsessed with you, but no more so than you will be with them. You'll hold a deep fascination for this person; they'll feel as if they can't get enough of you, and at least at first, you'll both revel in this connection. But things could get tricky between you when emotional domination and possessiveness become a part of the mix, which is virtually inevitable if you stay involved for any length of time. Good things can come of this, however, if you both make the commitment to face these issues rather than simply reliving the deep-rooted negative feelings of the past. The trick will be to ignore your instincts in favor of acting deliberately. When your inner urges push you to try to dominate your lover with emotional manipulation tactics, resist the urge. Instead, talk out your feelings with them, and resolve to treat them well -- even if it feels foreign and scary to do so. If you can respect your partner's individuality and be open about your own feelings of fear and vulnerability, you'll go a long way toward both personal transformation and resolving the karma between you once and for all.

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