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Pluto conjunct Saturn

Helping Your Lover Let Go of the Reins

Kelli Fox

Control will become a big issue between you if you stay together for any length of time. You've both been through traumatic events in this lifetime as well as past ones, after all, and you've both developed ways to cope with those upsets. But your way is based more on personal evolution than on security, like your partner's.

You'll notice that they will try to instill a sense of order in their life as well as in your relationship by creating certain structures that make them feel more secure: Perhaps they'll set rules for how you two must communicate, or they'll insist on a logical approach to solving problems between you rather than an emotional one. But you're more emotional than that, and you won't want to submit to their ideas of how things should go. You've got your own ideas, after all, and yours go deeper than simple security needs; in fact, you'll be all about blasting through the limitation of needing any sense of security. You may find yourself purposely throwing monkey wrenches into your sweetheart's plans, expressly to force them to deal with the fact that life, love and relationships can't always be 'safe' or neatly tied up. You'll try to force them to transform themselves and evolve past their basic security needs, even as they will try to force you to conform to their needs and structures. If they refuse to grow with you, you may find that it's impossible to continue the relationship. But if they can let down their guard enough to absorb the lessons you'll try to teach them, you might develop a very deep bond.

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