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Pluto conjunct North Node

Karmic Evolution through Emotion

Kelli Fox

Your lover could become obsessed with you, and you with them, especially if you stay involved on a long-term basis. The more intimate you become with each other, the more intense your relationship will be, both physically and emotionally. In some deep and important way, you have a lot to do with your partner's future and their karmic evolution.

Your deepest emotions will act as a catalyst for their personal development. Your influence on them will be profound and memorable even if your relationship ends. You may have to deal together with difficult emotions such as jealousy and possessiveness, as you'll have a way of awakening these within each other; but if you can process them together and work through them as a couple, you'll both be changed for the better -- and especially your partner. Their future path is linked with your deepest emotions, and even if things become difficult between you, accessing and exploring those feelings will help them to move toward their karmic destiny.

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