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Pluto conjunct Mercury

A Deep and Unbreakable Trust

Kelli Fox

You'll serve as a sort of mentor to your partner, just as you did in another lifetime. You were their teacher then, and you guided their studies carefully, teaching them to think deeply and express themselves in a powerfully honest way. You'll continue those lessons in this life, but this time you have something to learn from them as well: They can teach you about how to express your own deepest, darkest emotions in words.

You may be used to feeling things passionately, but not so used to expressing your passions coherently, and your partner will help you become more comfortable doing so. They may actually be uncomfortable with the depths that you'll take them to, but that will simply be part of the process you two will go through together, as each of you deepens the ways in which you think and communicate. You may have to watch yourself in conversations with your lover, because your instinct will be to control the conversation and exert your emotional power over them. The focus here, though, should be on creating greater freedom and self-awareness for you both, which means you should try to let your lover be who they are. Their transformation will happen naturally if you lead by example. If you can each explore your own minds and hearts together, you'll build a relationship that's founded on deep and unbreakable trust.

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