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North Node trine Saturn

Grounded and Inspired

Kelli Fox

This relationship could become very important for your karmic development. Your partner's sense of duty and responsibility will both ground and inspire you, and their life experiences will speak to you of where you're headed in your own life. They will help you focus on your path and move in the direction that's best for your personal development.

They'll set an example for you through their own choices and behavior, and they'll offer you practical advice -- what steps you should make in your education or career, how to deal with family or financial concerns and more. You'll find that they have solid ideas that you can relate to, and when you follow their advice, you'll take big leaps forward. Your lover's high standards will inspire you to be the best, most committed and focused person you can be. You'll look to them for guidance, as you may have done in another lifetime as their student or disciple. Though you're equals this time around, this will be a significant relationship for you once again, because it will help you develop at a personal, karmic level in a way that you might not achieve on your own.

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