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North Node square Venus

Do What's Right for You

Kelli Fox

Even if you fall in love and get along wonderfully with each other, this relationship could still present some difficulties for you in the realm of your personal progress and finding your unique path into the future. Regardless of whether you knew this person in another lifetime, you have been moving along a particular path, one that originated countless lifetimes ago and will likely extend well past this life. Your soul has sought out companions along the way who can teach you lessons that are, by turns, difficult, absorbing, profound and enlightening.

You may feel when you meet and become involved with this partner that you have much to learn from them, but you'll find as you get closer to them that their style of affection, love and togetherness are actually quite different from what you need in order to evolve as an individual. Where you should focus -- your own future, and your personal development -- is well away from where your partner will try to lead you, consciously or otherwise, by loving and caring for you. This may well be something you can work out simply by making sure that you do what's right for you rather than what you think is right for the relationship.

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