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North Node square Uranus

Your Partner's Independence: Distracting or Inspiring?

Kelli Fox

Your lover is quite different from you in some fundamental ways. The side of them that is unpredictable, exciting and erratic, and perhaps frustrating, won't work well with where you need to focus your attentions. You're following a personal path of evolution, and distractions along the way will hinder your progress.

Your partner's stranger ideas and less expected behaviors will certainly provide that distraction and pull you away from your path. But they could also serve as a sort of catalyst, if you're lucky, by showing you possibilities you never thought of before. Even if it's simply recognizing that no, you definitely don't want to emulate them, your lover's more radical, creative ideas and leanings could help you define your own goals at a personal level. Their independence could actually force you to consider your own individuality more carefully and specifically; and if so, that will ultimately be a positive thing. The best you can hope for from this or any relationship is to learn something that will carry you forward along your path of personal transformation.

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