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North Node square Sun

Fundamentally Different

Kelli Fox

This aspect could prove difficult for your relationship, as it will impede your forward progress in subtle ways. Your partner's personality may seem compelling to you, so much so that you may try to emulate their energy, their self-confidence, their interests or the way they express themselves. But doing so will undermine your own individuality, which includes where you're heading next in this life -- the personality you're unconsciously trying to evolve toward.

You may feel as if your partner is a shining example, a beacon to you, even, of who and how you want to be; but if you become too wrapped up in them and ignore your own path, you'll only be slowing yourself down in the long run. It's also possible that the 'honeymoon phase' -- in which you'll feel so wrapped up in them and their personality and interests that you won't pay attention to your own path -- won't last long. In that case, it won't take long for you to realize that you and your lover are simply different at a fundamental level, and pursuing your own interests and personal evolution will automatically mean diverging from your partner's focus in life.

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