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North Node square Saturn

Finding Your Way, Regardless

Kelli Fox

This relationship will become a difficult one for you, even if you grow to care for each other very much. At a deep and important level, your partner won't understand your goals or your future path. They may give you advice for working toward your future that simply doesn't fit the person you are or the things you're trying to achieve.

They may become demanding with you, trying to force you to adhere to a moral code that doesn't fit your life or values. They may try to limit what you do or think or how you behave. They'll expect a lot of you, and you'll feel obligated to perform up to their standards. Their disapproval will feel very restrictive, and old, long-forgotten past-life dynamics will come back to both of you: the uncomfortable power play between parent and child from another life, perhaps, or your long-ago relationship of stern master and disciple. If you stay with them long-term, you'll be effectively stunting your own growth, both on the mundane level of progress toward your career goals as well as on the more spiritual level of karmic development. But paradoxically, subjecting yourself to your partner's limiting influence or their ill-conceived advice may actually push you in the right direction -- if only by forcing you to overcome the obstacles they bring to your path and find your direction regardless of their support (or lack thereof).

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