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North Node square Neptune

Paths Not Closely Aligned

Kelli Fox

You've been moving along an individual path of growth and enlightenment, and, of course, it hasn't all been forward progress. Sometimes you've taken side trips or even backward steps, after which you've had to reorient yourself as to where you're trying to head and why. This relationship could become one of those side trips, because there will be something about your partner that holds you strangely in their sway, as if they've bewitched you!

You may find them fascinating and mysterious, or just confusing. Some part of their emotional nature will elude you, and you'll either willingly or unknowingly break focus from your own goals in order to try to figure them out. It may be that the illusion resides solely in your own imagination -- that you and your lover are meant to walk together along one path, despite the fact that you must each follow your own individuality. If your relationship deepens into something long-term and meaningful, it could be quite difficult for you to give up this illusion, but sooner or later, you'll have to recognize that you've strayed from your path and come back to it -- even if doing so means moving away from this relationship altogether.

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