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North Node square Mercury

Consider Their Advice Carefully

Kelli Fox

Your partner may offer you lots of advice, especially as you become more intimate and grow to care more about each other. And while their advice will certainly be well-intended, you would do well to consider it carefully rather than blindly following it, because the way that they think and view the world is fundamentally different from who you are and where you're headed. You're on a path of personal transformation, one that began countless lifetimes ago and has progressed forward in time to this very moment.

You're learning new things all the time, and meeting new people who inspire you, set you back, encourage you, discourage you... This particular relationship stands a chance of actually propelling you forward along your path, but only if your partner's ideas and general intellectual process are so at odds with where you need to focus your attention that they serve as a catalyst that forces you forward into your unique future. Mind you, this future may or may not include your lover. If you're simply too different, you'll have to go your separate ways sooner or later.

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