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North Node square Mars

Keep a Vigilant Eye

Kelli Fox

You might find your partner to be dynamic, energetic, exciting and interesting, but odds are good that you also find them a bit annoying at times, or at least taxing. This is because the way that they naturally express their energy, whether it's in an excited, aggressive or angry way, works at cross-purposes to what you need to focus on for your own future development as an individual. Think of it like this: You're moving along on your personal path of growth and enlightenment.

Sometimes you move forward; sometimes you take a step or two back. This relationship could become one of those backward steps if you're not careful about how you conduct yourself. You may get too wrapped up in your partner's energy and ambitions to pay enough attention to your own goals, or you might distract yourself from your goals by engaging with them through argument, heated or dynamic discussions and so on. In some way, their natural energy will pull you away from the things you should be focusing on in order to evolve along your natural path, and you'll need to keep a vigilant eye out for this so that you can correct it as it occurs.

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