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North Node opposite Venus

Stepping Backward in Time

Kelli Fox

You'll find as you become involved that you owe your partner a debt of the heart. At first, of course, things could feel very comfortable and familiar. You may feel as if you know each other, even when you've first met; or you may feel as if you've come together for a greater purpose, as if by destiny.

That may be true, in fact; you loved this person deeply in another lifetime, but your relationship ended, whether through circumstance, betrayal or tragedy. Thus, you still have unfinished business, but it will be up to you to decide whether it's best to finish things up between you or simply move on and find a partner with whom you share more positive karma. After all, loving each other isn't a new experience for either of you; it's something you've already done, even if you can't remember the affair. Reliving those old feelings and relationship dynamics will be like taking a step backward in time rather than progressing forward. Ultimately, it may feel therapeutic to work through whatever happened between you in that past life, but you may find that once you have worked through those old feelings, it will be time to move on.

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