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North Node opposite Uranus

An Iffy Connection

Kelli Fox

Don't fool yourself into thinking this will be a predictable, sedate or long-term bond unless there are plenty of other stabilizing factors between you. This particular aspect indicates that you shared an unpredictable connection in another lifetime, one that excited you but which couldn't be counted upon; and you'll experience a return to the same dynamic if you become involved again in this life. Perhaps your lover misled you in that other life as to their true feelings for you; perhaps they couldn't even decide what their feelings were.

Maybe they were torn in two directions, one that led toward you and one that led away -- toward war or some other call of duty, perhaps, or toward their family's expectations. In this lifetime, you'll again share a strange and unique bond that might well claim your interest and attention; it might even feel as if you're doing something forbidden and unbearably exciting! But taboo isn't enough reason to stay involved, and you'll find, if you try to keep this affair going, that it won't provide enough substance or stability to satisfy you. You're on a path of personal evolution; you don't need to be held back by an iffy connection with your lover.

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