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North Node opposite Sun

Like Coming Home Again

Kelli Fox

Meeting and becoming close with your lover will feel like coming home. You'll feel as if you're getting back in touch with a long-forgotten part of yourself -- inner strengths you didn't even remember that you had -- or perhaps with someone you knew long ago but can't quite remember or place in your personal history. The fact that this bond between you will feel instantly comfortable and familiar will seem like a very positive recommendation for building a long-lasting relationship, but it actually comes with its own set of problems.

You knew one another in another life, when this person was an authority figure in your life, whether as a lover, friend or family member. Coming back together in this lifetime will feel safe to you; they'll lend you that dominant guiding force once again, and you'll feel indebted to them, as if you still owe them something from that other lifetime. But even if you do still have karmic debts to pay, safety shouldn't always be your first concern. You're on a path of personal evolution, as is your lover; and if you become involved now, the relationship will hold you back from following your path. You'll find it too easy to relate to them in those ways that feel familiar and therefore comfortable, instead of pushing yourself to develop new ways of relating and of expressing your individuality.

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