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North Node opposite Saturn

Blazing Your Own Trail

Kelli Fox

This relationship will become a difficult one for you, though it's likely that it will feel very comfortable, familiar and right. This familiarity comes from another lifetime, when your destiny was very much tied to this person; in this life, meeting them again will feel like coming home. You'll both feel a deep and immediate closeness, and you'll look to your partner for cues as to how to progress toward your goals.

They will offer you lots of advice, and may even be quite controlling or directive with you, telling you how to conduct yourself and what your values or objectives should be. They may even convince you that you're somehow obligated to live up to the standards that they set for you, but trying to model your life after their example or advice would be a mistake, as it would be moving karmically backward, toward your past-life dynamic with them as well as your past-life goals. You have a new set of challenges, gifts and goals to work toward in this lifetime. Allowing yourself to be seduced by the sense of security you feel with this person would be a mistake; you need to push yourself out into the exact uncomfortable territory that your partner would warn you away from. If you stay involved with them long-term, remember that their advice won't always be good for you, and that their security needs are a world away from the kinds of experiences and emotions you need in order to develop at a karmic level.

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