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North Node opposite Pluto

Enemies in Another Life

Kelli Fox

The power struggle in which you were embroiled with this person in another life will make itself known again in this life, though you may have a significantly friendlier bond now than you did back then. You could even have been enemies then, but whatever your relationship was, you struggled against each other, each trying to gain dominance -- or at least to get out from beneath the other's control. In this life, your partner will once again try to dominate you, attempting to influence what you do, feel and think.

Needless to say, if you submit to their control, you won't have your freedom and autonomy any longer; you will have effectively given up your individuality and your unique life path and future. But to stand up to them and resist their control will be difficult, and will likely result in emotional battles that leave you both feeling drained and unhappy. If either of you is particularly stubborn or aggressive, you can expect this influence to be magnified. But if this relationship becomes important to you, it will be up to you to find a way to keep the power struggles to a minimum while maintaining your autonomy, so that you can continue to pursue your proper path.

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