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North Node opposite Neptune

Held Back by Comfort

Kelli Fox

Though this relationship could have a very sweet, devoted quality, you'll still find it hard to make much progress at a personal level while you're involved with this partner. You'll likely feel quite comfortable with them, and mutually protective of each other's feelings, but that in itself is not enough reason to become intimately involved. These feelings of closeness are left over from another lifetime, in which you had a strange, deceptive relationship.

You misled each other or other people together, and that air of confusion and susceptibility to deception will still exist between you today. The idealism you may feel toward each other and about the relationship might feel wonderful, but it could obscure not only who each of you is as an individual in the current life, but where you're headed next. As always, moving forward is more important than staying stagnant or even regressing into the past. If you're simply enacting an old, long-forgotten bond, you'll have to find a way to move past that in this life. Start by being perfectly honest with each other, even when that means having to admit that the relationship isn't providing the support you need to do the things you want to do in life.

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