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North Node opposite Mars

A Feeling of Hostility

Kelli Fox

It's possible that, without realizing it consciously, your partner is still angry about something that happened between the two of you in another lifetime. In that other life, you battled with them; it's possible that you were their lover or their child and they treated you with violence, jealousy and anger. That old, aggressive dynamic won't necessarily come out overtly in this life, but you'll still feel its effects at least in an undertone in the way that you two relate.

There will be a feeling of hostility between you, and on your part, of a kind of fear or feeling of oppression that simmers just beneath the surface of your consciousness. Whenever you try to move forward and develop your own individuality, your partner will become angry, taking it as a threat. You may both find it difficult to move past it when you have a disagreement, because you'll both be reacting to these past-life feelings that you won't fully understand. If the relationship you build has plenty of other aspects to promote a mutual feeling of kindness, attraction and togetherness, then you may decide to work together on processing these long-latent feelings of aggression and repression, but if that's not the case, your better bet may be to move on to someone who's a better fit.

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