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North Node conjunct Venus

The Love and Support You Need to Progress

Kelli Fox

It's quite possible that you experienced some serious heartbreak in another lifetime, because the karma pendulum has swung far in the opposite direction in this relationship and brought you this person to love and be adored by. This placement indicates a feeling of 'true love' between you, and if other aspects support a loving, long-lasting connection, chances are good that this relationship could become very important to both of you. Your partner will shower you with affection, showing you in tangible and romantic ways just how much they care for you.

This is a wonderful relationship for overcoming old wounds of the heart, whether they originated in another life or in your more recent, memorable past. This affair will teach you to believe in love, to delight in its healing gifts. Through supporting your partner and being supported by them, and loving and being loved by them, you'll be able to move forward on your personal path of positive change and growth. Your partner will help you along in this by supporting you and giving you heaps of affection, but also by modeling personal values and aesthetic tastes that you can really relate to.

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