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North Node conjunct Uranus

Anything Is Possible

Kelli Fox

There will be a feeling of excitement, even exuberance, as you get to know each other. This person may be an old friend you knew long ago, in another lifetime, who was as unique and inspiring as they are now. But whether you knew each other long ago or not, their place in your life now will be one of inspiration and originality.

You'll look up to them for their creative outlook; they'll do and say unexpected things that make you laugh and look at the world differently than you did before. They'll open your eyes to many possibilities for yourself that you've never considered before, and they will begin to represent the future to you -- the glittering, exciting future that can be yours if you just reach out for it, or create it for yourself. This person's presence in your life will serve as a reminder that anything is possible, and that your path of personal enlightenment is going to take some twists and turns that surprise and delight you. If other aspects between you suggest an erratic, unpredictable relationship, this one could underscore that influence, but if other aspects support a long-lasting and satisfying bond, then this will only serve to make that bond more interesting and exciting.

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