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North Node conjunct Sun

Representing Your Future Path

Kelli Fox

When you meet this person, you'll feel very strongly that it is your destiny to become closely involved. Their very personality will inspire you to be the type of person you're already on your way toward becoming. It's not that you'll copy their personality or their likes and dislikes; it's that, as you start getting to know each other, bells of recognition will chime inside you as you start to see how similar their interests, needs, desires and more are to yours.

You'll have a great deal to learn from them about expressing yourself and your individuality, and the better you get to know them, the clearer it will become that they represent your future. Whatever or whomever you were in past lives, now you're on a path that is forward-focused and progressive, and this person embodies that path. You may even feel that, by becoming intimate with them, you're reaching into your own future, your destiny. If other aspects between you support an important and long-lasting relationship, this one will combine with their strength to make for a bond that is sure to leave its mark on your whole life.

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